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At Shift  Performance we write/develop all our own software via highly trained quailified international ecu programmers that gives us the ability to provide you (the customer) with the exact results you are looking for.

When we remap your vehicle on the dyno, power delivery will be smooth and reliable. It will, however, retain its original driving characteristics and safety features.

Shift Performance confidently guarantees the most precise configuration available. We offer stock-like drivability with extreme power gains by modifying your engine‘s timing, boost, and fuel mixture... and by applying our secret formula! Our custom tuning service reflects our goal of providing the most trustworthy, clean, and cost efficient method available for extracting the most out of your engine.

All of our software be it performance or economy focused is always dyno developed in the first instance which ensures we accurately monitor:

Air Fuel Ratios (AFR’s)

It is important to ensure optimum AFR is achieved in order to ensure that stoichiometric mixture. This in basic terms means that the engine isn’t running lean or rich fuel mixture. This is also important in ensuring that your engine is MOT compliant.







Engine Knock

It is always important to monitor engine knock when developing a good and most importantly a safe tune. Knocking or detonation occurs when unburnt fuel in the combustion chamber explodes rather than a burning in a controlled manner. When engine knock is occuring the pressure within the combustion chamber rises dramatically to levels that can destroy your engines internal components within seconds.

Boost Pressure

It is important that correct boost pressure control is achieved to ensure that no spikes or dips occur to ensure maintained life of the turbo charger. A spike in the boost delivery can cause over-boosting which pressurises the compressor to a level beyond its tolerance.



Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT)

When increasing the fueling and boost pressures of an engine it naturally increases the EGT. It is important to log the EGT of an engine as there is a crucial limit which shouldn’t be surpassed to ensure maintained longevity. This is a good tool in monitoring the efficiency of uprated intercoolers etc.


Injector Duty Cycles (IDC)


This is crucial to know the fuelling limitation of the injector. On some modern cars we are seeing injectors with 100% IDC from standard meaning there is no room for further modification without upgrading the injectors (this is rare however). If it was a turbo application, and the boost pressure was raised, due to there being no additional fuel available, it would cause the engine to run lean and potentially melt your pistons.


ADBLUE Removal

Adblue removal, also known as Adblue Emulation, is a process to disable Adblue or emulate Adblue on the engines that uses Adblue. Adblue is a consumable fuel that is used by SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) in diesel engines to reduce nitrogen emission. Adblue is stored in a separate tank on vehicle.

While Adblue provides many benefits for the environment, it is costly and problematic to use and handle. The driver must ensure that he or she has an adequate supply of Adblue in the tank because if in the case of running out of Adblue engine goes into limb mode or becomes not operatable. SCR systems also can break easily by impurity in chemical that is used therefore it is a must to use very high standard Adblue solution. Many individuals and companies use cheap Adblue or add water to Adblue in order to cut from costs. Manufacturers of the trucks will not honor any warranty on the system if there are any signs of contamination in the tank. Repairment of the SCR is very costly.

Average consumption of the Adblue is 5% of diesel consumption which means, 1.5 liters per 100km while driving. As mentioned before it is necessary to use high standard Adblue which adds a remarkable amount of cost.

Because of its high costs of buying and maintaining, it is desired by many individuals and fleet owners to disable it. You cannot leave Adblue tank empty as mentioned before it can cause damage and vehicle will not operate correctly. It is necessary to reprogram ECU (Electronic Controlling Unit) or attach an electronic device to engine to disable it. Adblue removal systems also disables lights and indicators on panels. Most of the removal techniques n offers some way to re-enable Adblue easily.

Removal of Adblue is not illegal but it is bad for the environment and It reduces engine class to Euro3.

In conclusion whether you decide upon having your vehicle set up on our dyno or choose the convenience of our mobile ecu remapping service you can rest assured that all our remaps are developed and tested to provide good, safe and reliable tuning. Never will we operate outside of the engines capabilities on standard components as your vehicles reliability is as important to us as it is to you.

DSG Transmission Tuning

DSGWe at Shift Performance work alongside a group of highly trained and qualified technicians in europe  whom  have developed a host of DSG transmission tuning services.  These DSG transmission upgrades can be applied to a completely stock vehicle improving its driving characteristics or added to tuned vehicle to make the very best from any tuning.  Just like our range of ECU remaps, each DSG tuning file is custom written specifically for the vehicle and driver requirements.  Every DSG tune can include launch control, shift and torque limiter functions and setting adjustments to give the driver the best possible driving experience.

Mild modifications to the DSG settings can be made to improve shift speed, responsiveness and smoothness, even if you are not a track day driver we believe all drivers will appreciate these changes.

For the more demanding drivers among you we have DSG fast road setup this is a custom tune with a slightly more aggressive feel, it is suitable for modified and tuned vehicles, with this setup your engines performance and vehicles modifications will be perfectly balanced to your DSG calibrations the modifications can include, performance exhausts, sport cats (or de-cat), DPF delete, supercharger or turbo charger upgrades.

Our final DSG tuning option if focused towards the occasional track day driver, we can include launch control, torque settings and optimised shift to suit your vehicle set up and driving style, this will be the most extreme DSG tune that can be applied to your vehicle and whilst maintaining a healthy transmission and is the best track setup and race feel available. 

DSG Tuning Options & Benefits

Increased Shift Response

The shift response can be increased by up to 20% providing a smoother gear to gear transition, meaning a reduction of unnecessary clutch slip under full load acceleration protecting your clutch from premature failure.

With the reduced shift times you will also benefit from improved paddle-reaction-time by up to 40% in Sport mode.

Torque Limiter Modifications

The vehicle torque limiter/s are tuned as part of our ECU remap, however if your vehicle is equipped with DSG transmission then you could be missing out as the DSG control unit does have its own inbuilt torque limiters also.  Through tuning the DSG control unit we are able to release the extra torque produced from your tuned engine whilst still ensuring the stability and capability of all mechanical moving hardware within the DSG transmission.

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RPM Limiter Adjustments

Rev limiterHere just like the torque limiter tuning as above your DSG has control of RPM limiters for each gear there would be no point to make adjustments the engine ecu RPM limiter without the same changes applied to the DSG maps.

Increasing these shift points will give the driver full control and command of the engines power in the upper RPM ranges and we will set the DSG rev limit to work with your engines current setup.

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Launch Control

Launch control can be activated in most cars but is particularly effective in DSG equipped vehicles.

A perfect launch can be achieved every time reducing 0-60 acceleration times by maintaining a perfect throttle balance to provide maximum traction off the line.

Speed limit Removed 

Speed limiterMany vehicles have a speed limiter applied in the factory, or by a third party at a later date. For instance, most BMW and Mercedes vehicles have a factory set speed limiter of 155 MPH / 250 KMH.

The limiter is often applied as a peaceful agreement amongst car manufacturers, or by customer choice.

By adjusting ECU data we are able to successfully remove speed limitation from most vehicles. Please contact us with your vehicle details for further information.

We also offer a Speed limiter application or adjustment service for for small and large companies  with many vehicles (fleet) discounts are available. Please  contact us with your requirements for further information.

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Removal of Lambda code

When decatting a petrol vehicle, it is likely that an engine management light will be illuminated, and a fault code for cat efficiency will be stored inside the ECU memory (P0420). By careful recalibration of the engine ECU data we can disable the function of the second lambda sensor.

The second lambda sensor is used for monitoring the efficiency of the catalytic converter. Disabling the second lambda sensor will allow a decat pipe to be used on a vehicle without triggering an engine management light or associated fault codes.

Decatting a vehicle normally illuminate  a P0420 fault code (Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)). Our lambda delete service will permanently remove this fault.

Decat services are intended for off-road use vehicles only. A decat may make your vehicle illegal for use on a public road and will depend on the laws of your land.

DPF Removal 

New technology is great when it works but when it doesn’t it’s expensive to repair. Many vehicle owners remove their original DPF and replace it with a aftermarket downpipe and often see a whole  range of waning lights . Our Engine control module software removes the ECU signals that are required for the regeneration and opreration of the DPF so the DPF is no longer operational  and no more expensive DPF bills.

EGR (exhaust Gas Recirculation) Valve Removal

EGR Dia.1Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is a nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions reduction technique used in petrol/gasoline and diesel engines. EGR works by recirculating a portion of an engine's exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders.

Since the EGR system recirculates a portion of exhaust gases, over time the valve can become clogged with carbon deposits that prevent it from operating properly.

Symptoms of a failing EGR includes:

  • Limp mode
  • Warning Light on dash indicates problem
  • Increased tailpipe emissions
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Hesitation on acceleration
  • Stalling
  • Rough idling

When vechicles are modified for racing sometimes a high flow catalyst is used to a decat is used. This is some advanced engine managemnet systems report a fault on the drivers dash and possibily reducing engine efficiency. Shift performance  can over come this by recalibrating the engine management software to stop the problems describe above.

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