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Nissan GT-R (R35) 770HP



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The steps to a successful ECU Remap  is on the dyno first. Don't allow anyone to tell you different.

  1. Customer Request
  2. Vehicle Information Logged
  3. 50% payment
  4. Make an appointment to use the dyno
  5. Vehicle (stock) Base pass
  6. Modified map Installed
  7. Vehicle (Modified) Mod Pass
  8. Shaking Hands and seeing you smile from ear to ear with excitement ...
  9. Balance Payment Paid.

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 Do you have a 4x4 pickup with BIG wheels and want back the power lost?

Shift Performance  are specialists in the automotive performance tuning of engine management systems improving the efficiency of the engine and giving your vehicle increased power output, torque and fuel economy. From building race cars , modified street cars and now stock cars tuned for road or track applications to light commercials, trucks, agricultural & even marine engines we can provide a solution to meet your needs. By careful recalibration of the engine management system we can increase drivability with no detriment to reliability.We are more than just your average performance shop company, as we develop our software in house approve by recommended technicians. whilst at the same time working with some of the best tuning houses from across Europe we have ultimate flexibility in both the range of vehicles that we tune and to be able to provide the customer with the very best tune for their driving needs.Our stand alone device for the serial communication with the Engine Control Unit 

features integrate the conventional operations, like the possibility to reset faulty codes tied to the ECU programming, the reading and automatic writing of the injector settings, counters reset, etc. In order to meet and fulfil the assorted inquiries presented by professionals, New Genius has been conceived as a flexible device, configured to support from a single, specific application to the most complete range of vehicles provided with engine control units.(ECU), through the vehicle OBDII socket or via specific diagnostic connectors. It does not require connections to a personal computers or laptop for the management of the serial communication: it has never been so simple and immediate to achieve programming operations of the vehicle stock ECU. INTUITIVE OPERATIONS TO MAXIMIZE THE EASE OF USE This is a true asset for every tuner thanks to the impossibility to perform wrong operations. Detailed instructions and operating manuals drive the tuner until the vehicle is programmed. HIGHEST SAFETY STANDARDS FOR THE MOST EXTENSIVE RELIABILITY Before programming the vehicle, The device verifies the size of the file and the checksum integrity/congruence. In addition, should the programming procedure be interrupted (example: connector unplugged), the device would recover the communication and automatically complete it. Dimsport provides its console with a standard OBDII socket; should this not be available an additional range of dedicated connectors would permit tuning operations via diagnostic socket.Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and it also the forefront of our operation. With reliability, drive-ability and satisfaction being our aim we are sure you will be delighted with the service we offer and have no hesitation in recommending our services to your friends and family.


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